The Macallan x Summerhill LCBO

For the unveiling of The Macallan Red Collection, a transformative project was undertaken at the Summerhill LCBO Event Kitchen, converting it into an immersive tasting room and retail space. Central to this renovation was the construction of a striking diorama, a visual centerpiece that captured the essence of The Macallan’s storied tradition and innovation. Complementing this feature was a bespoke copper light fixture, its design meticulously crafted to illuminate the space with warmth, mirroring the rich hues of the whisky itself. Custom-designed product display gondolas were introduced, offering a modern platform for showcasing the collection, while full wall paneling of white oak formed a wavy slat wall, a nod to the traditional craftsmanship associated with The Macallan. This blend of modern design principles with traditional elements created a space that not only celebrated the release of The Macallan Red Collection but also paid homage to the brand’s heritage, offering a contemporary interpretation of timeless elegance.

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